Major Features

Proxy Harvester and Tester

You can now quickly and easily find thousands of proxies and test them to see if they are alive or dead – all while you only press a few clicks of your mouse. You no longer have to manually search for proxies – LinkDemon will do the hard work for you! 100% automated and you can even import your own proxies!
Fantastic Bulk Email Creator

Long gone are the days where you had to spend hours upon of hours in front of your computer monitor creating emails account. LinkDemon offers the chance to create hundreds upon of hundreds of email accounts with just the push of the button. Just imagine how much time you will save when you create email accounts so quickly and easily! Currently supporting Hotmail, Live, Nokiamail and

Convenient Bookmarking Submitter

Generate hundreds of new profiles at the most famous bookmarking sites and automatically post your links in order to gain massive love from the Search engines. Bookmarking links are proven to work beautifully and help you to drive massive traffic to your money sites. You can also create multiple campaigns and run them at the same time. Captcha service support and proxy utilization are also available – As you can see, LinkDemon is simply the most powerful bookmarking tool out there!

Powerful Wiki Poster

With just a few clicks of your mouse, you’ll be able to post in hundreds of Wiki sites that not only will bring your traffic, but also extreme valuable links that will help you tremendously with your SEO! You have the option of schedule your campaigns, so you can run them all at one or spread your submissions over x amounts of day. You can even choose how many wiki sites you want to send your links. LinkDemon is proven to have the highest percentage of posting!

Amazing Article Submitter

If you want to submit your articles with links to hundreds of article directories really quick, then this is the perfect solution that you’ve been looking for this entire time. LinkDemon offers you the chance to get more traffic and backlinks without complicating your life. Create profiles with a click of your mouse, select the number of article directories, set up your catpcha (you can use a captcha service if you want), and you’re ready to get massive traffic and backlinks on complete autopilot!

Mass Blogging Creator

Blogging is proven to be the best marketing platform ever, and also a really good way to generate high-quality backlinks that will skyrocket your sites to the number one slot in Google. That’s why we decided to create an effective mass blogging creator that will allow you to create hundreds of blogs easily. You can create unlimited profiles, schedule campaigns, set up proxies and much, much more! This is a tool that will help you out tremendously when getting new and high-quality backlinks!

That’s Not All Because If You Secure a Copy of LinkDemon, You’ll Get the Following Cool and Useful Bonuses!

YouLikeHits Bot

If you want more likes and more followers in the main social media sites, then this cool bonus is going to come very in handy for you as with just a few clicks of your mouse you can easily exploit the YouLikeHits’ platform to your advantage.

AddMeFast Bot

Now you can take advantage of the “Add Me Fast” site and get unlimited Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Youtube. This amazing bot will help you to get a huge social presence (which will naturally impact your online business in a positive way!)

SocialMediaExplode Bot

Social Media Explode is a tool that will help you grow your online social media presence for FREE. We allow you to pick and choose who you want to exchange with and skip those who you’re not interested in.

Linkcollider Bot

Boost your online presence with the #1 SEO Tool! Link Collider will help you grow your online business, personal blogs and social networks for FREE!

Traffup Bot

“TraffUP really generates website traffic instantly. Within a few minutes of adding my website, I noticed traffic from all over the world. I highly recommend it for free advertising and generating more traffic on your website.”

Free Backlinks Package

This is a really HUGE bonus! Each and every month we’re going to provide you with free backlinks packages for bookmarking, Wiki, Articles, blogs, web 2.0 and much, much more!

And more Bots coming soon!

We are still developing more Bots for our members. You can request for new bot here

LinkDemon is the Ultimate Backlinking Tool that You Need! – Get It Right Now and Have Instant Access to this Definitive Link Tool + Spectacular Bonuses!

As you can see, you’re in front of the most cutting-edge linking tool that will help you to save time, drive traffic, grow your online business and make even more money. And all of this without complicated your life – just with a few clicks of your button.

LinkDemon is Affordable, and It Won’t Cost You an Arm or a Leg…

Most of the linking tools out there do not even have half of the features that LinkDemon has and cost huge amounts of money.

Well, forget about that because we created this fantastic link solution with those who are on a budget – and if this is your case, you will be happy to see that LinkDemon won’t make a hole in your pocket…

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